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Do I have a problem with alcohol? A checklist

· Life Skills,Relationships


Are you sometimes not able to stop drinking once you had started?

Do you often have a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?

Do you drink too much?

Do you have friends or family that is worried about your drinking?

Have you failed to do what was expected from you because of drinking?

Have you ever been unable to remember what happened the night before because you had been drinking?

Have you or someone else been injured as a result of your drinking?

Do you drink because you have problems or to relax?

Do you drink when you get mad at other people, including your friends or parents?

Do you prefer to drink alone, rather than with other people?

Is your work or education suffering as a result of your drinking?

Have you ever tried to stop drinking or to drink less and found that you can’t?

Do you drink in the morning, before school or work?

Do you gulp your drinks?

Do you lie about how much or how often you drink?

Do you ever get into trouble when you’re drinking?

Do you get drunk when you drink, even when you don't mean to?

Did you had times when you ended up drinking more, or longer, than you intended?

Did you more than once gotten into situations while or after drinking that increased your chances of getting hurt (such as driving, swimming, using machinery, walking in a dangerous area, or having unsafe sex)?

Had to drink much more than you once did to get the effect you want? Or found that your usual number of drinks had much less effect than before?

Continued to drink even though it was making you feel depressed or anxious or adding to another health problem? Or after having had a memory blackout?

If you answer yes to any one of these questions, it’s possible that you have a problem with alcohol.

This blog is only for informational and educational purposes and should not be considered therapy or any form of treatment. We are not able to respond to specific questions or comments about personal situations, appropriate diagnosis or treatment, or otherwise provide any clinical opinions. If you think you need immediate assistance, call your local doctor/psychologist or psychiatrist or the SADAG Mental health Line on 011 234 4837. If necessary, please phone the Suicide Crisis Line on 0800 567 567 or sms 31393.